The Tree of Life: A Beginners Guide

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The Tree of Life: A Beginners Guide

White Raven
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What is this Book?

The Tree of Life: A Beginner's Guide is a complete introduction to Magick, and especially the spiritual philosophy of Kabbalah. Kabbalah has it's roots in ancient Egypt, and has spread through the Middle East to Europe and now into the wider world. The Tree of Life is a universal blueprint that helps anyone, from any background to understand and practice Magick.

This book focuses on the Sephiroth, or 'Emanations' of the Divine. Unlike other books and grimoires, this book is simple and clear, and gets straight to the point. It helps the reader understand the Sephiroth, and various other aspects of ceremonial magick, and how to apply these ideas in daily life.

This book provides a history of magick, the Hermetic tradition of Golden Dawn and the Tree of Life. It touches upon astrology and sacred geometry, which are both powerful forms of magick. The work contains several high quality diagrams of the Tree of Life and the Sephiroth, to help the reader learn and understand the concepts and explanations.

Most importantly, the book moves away from religious dogma, and separates the sacred art of Magick from fear, superstition or bigotry. It makes the theory of Magick available to anyone who is committed and willing to learn.

The book also touches upon the often misunderstood 'demons'. While spiritualists, mystics, witches and magicians honour and revere the Divine, Gods and Angels, they tend to shun or fear the 'demonic' or negative spiritual forces. 

Finally, the book contains many diagrams to help illustrate spiritual concepts, and contains some basic rituals which are derived from the Tree of Life, perfect for daily use by a new student of magick. There is also information on how to pursue spiritual evolution and study!

In Summary

 With this book you will be able to:

- Understand what is Magick

- Learn the history of ceremonial Magick

- Have a complete grasp of the Tree of Life

- Learn to apply Magickal philosophy in daily life

- Gain a universal perspective on the Tree of Life, free from religion

- Understand magickal initiation, and how to pursue it

- Learn basic rituals which can strengthen your magickal skill and understanding

And much, much more!

This is a book on High Magick is written and illustrated by White Raven, a ceremonial magician of the Hermetic Kabbalistic tradition.

I want this!

A complete practical guide to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, perfect for beginners to Magick

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The Tree of Life
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